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                         MONDAY TO FRIDAY FROM 11:00 AM T0 3:00 PM

                                             NO COUPON, PLEASE !

                               All dishes come with your choice of meat

                                            Chicken, Tofu or Vegetable

                        Substitute with beef or pork add $1.00 more

                     Substitute meat with shrimp or BBQ pork, add $2.00

            all dishes come with choice of Egg Roll, Crab Rangoon or Cucumber Salad

                                                    A. PAD THAI       $8.95

                                                   B. FRIED RICE     $8.95

                                                C. CRAZY NOODLE   $8.95

                                                  D. PAD SEE EIW       $8.95

                                                E. DRUNKEN NOODLE     $8.95

                                                 F. PAD WOON SEN       $8.95

                                                  G. PAD KHEE MAO      $8.95

                                        H. PANANG CURRY WITH RICE      $9.25

                                     I.  SPICY BASIL LEAVES WITH RICE      $9.25

                                      J.  MIXED VEGETABLES WITH RICE      $9.25

                                       K.  BEEF & BROCCOLI WITH RICE       $9.25

                                       L.  CASHEW CHICKEN WITH RICE        $9.25