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                         MONDAY TO FRIDAY FROM 11:00 AM T0 3:00 PM

                                             NO COUPON, PLEASE !

                               All dishes come with your choice of meat

                                 Chicken, Tofu or Vegetable

                        Substitute with beef or pork add $1.00 more

                     Substitute meat with shrimp or BBQ pork, add $2.00

            all dishes come with choice of Egg Roll, Crab Rangoon or Cucumber Salad

                                                    Only  $ 7.75

                                                    A. PAD THAI

                                                   B. FRIED RICE

                                                C. CRAZY NOODLE

                                                  D. PAD SEE EIW

                                                E. DRUNKEN NOODLE

                                                 F. PAD WOON SEN

                                                  G. PAD KHEE MAO

                                        H. PANANG CURRY WITH RICE

                                     I.  SPICY BASIL LEAVES WITH RICE

                                      J.  MIXED VEGETABLES WITH RICE

                                       K.  BEEF & BROCCOLI WITH RICE

                                       L.  CASHEW CHICKEN WITH RICE