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CHOICE OF MEAT  : - Chicken, tofu or vegetables   

                                - substitute meat with beef or pork, add $1.00

                            - substitute meat with shrimp or BBQ pork, add $ 2.00

                                - combination shirmp, chicken and beef, add $ 4.50

                                - BBQ pork & Shrimp add $ 4.00

                                - Mixed seafood, add $5.50


1. PAD THAI  @                                                                                               

The most famous Thai noodle dish! Stir-fried thin rice noodle with green onion, bean sprout, cabbage, egg and crushed peanut.

2.  WOONSEN PAD THAI    @                                                                       

Stir-fried glass noodle with green onion, bean sprout, egg, cabbage and crushed peanut.

3.  PAD SEE EIW                                                                                        

Stir-fried wide rice noodle with egg, broccoli and sweet soy sauce.

4. LAD NA                                                                                                   

Pan fried wide rice noodle topped with broccoli in home style brown bean sauce gravy.

5. PAD WOON SEN                                                                                     

Stir-fried glass noodle with carrot, onion, green pea, bean sprout and egg.

6. DRUNKEN NOODLE    @                                                                        

Stir-fried thin rice noodles with basil leaves, broccoli, snow pea, carrot and babycorn.

7. PAD KHEE MAO  *                                                                                   

Stir-fried wide rice noodles with basil leaves, carrot, baby corn, bell pepper and hot jalapeno.

8. GARLIC NOODLES                                                                  

Tasty egg noodles with bean sprout, crushed peanut topped with sauteed choic of meat.

9. CRAZY NOODLE   @                                                                            

Stir-fried wide rice noodle with egg, carrot, bean sprout and snow peas. (our popular dish)

10. SPICY THAI NOODLE *                                                                             

Pan fried wide rice noodles topped with brown gravy fill with napa, bell pepper, onion, hot jalapeno and spicy chilli paste.


Stir-fried wide rice noodles with your choice of meat, egg, bean sprout topped with spicy Sri Racha sauce.

12. GOLDEN NOODLE                                                                                  

Stir-fried egg noodle with egg, carrot, snow pea, mushroom and broccoli with your choice of meat.

13. PRIK PAO NOODLE *                                                                                

Stir-fried thin rice noodles topped with bamboo shoot, basil, carrot, snowpea, babycorn, mushroom and hot chilli paste.

14. THAI PASTA NOODLE  @                                                                          

Steam tiny noodles with grill meat, served over assorted fresh vegetable and baby egg rolls.


Stir-fried spinach noodle with curry, napa cabbage, onion, carrot, egg and bean sprout with your choice of meat.


Stuffed chicken dumpling, broccoli, bean sprout, egg noodle with choice of meat served in clear broth.

                                                            CURRY DISHES    $ 11.50

      served with steam jasmine rice, substitute with brown rice for 50 cents more.

17. PANANG CURRY  *   @                                                                            

The most popular Thai curry!  come with bell peper and basil leave.

18. GREEN CURRY  *     @                                                                            

Spicy green curry with eggplant, pea, bamboo shoot and fresh basil leaves.

19. CHICHEN COCONUT CURRY NOODLE *                                                 

Golden noodles with chicken in tasty coconut curry, sprinkled with onion and crispy golden noodle. Served with cucumber salad.

20. YELLOW CURRY *   @                                                                           

Yellow curry with coconut milk, carrot, potato and green peas. Served with steam Jasmine rice.

21. MUSSAMAN  *    @                                                                                

Mussaman curry pasted with coconut milk, white onion, potato,pineapple and peanut.

22. RED CURRY *  @

Spicy red curry paste with eggplants, green peas, bamboo shoot and basil leafs.

Served with steamed rice and your choice of meat.

* INDICATES SPICY ~ Normally our food range the spiciness between 2 ~ 3 level, but you can specify the level from 1 - 10 (the most)

@ Gluten Free menu

Price subject to change without notice.