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BABY EGG ROLL (8)                                                                    6.25

Tiny egg roll filled with chicken, shrimp and bean thread noodles. Served with sweet & sour sauce.

CRAB RANGOON (6)                                                                    6.25

Crispy wonton skin filled with cream cheese, crab meat and celery. Served with light sweet & sour sauce.

POT STICKER (6)                                                                         6.25

Wheat flour pastries filled with a luscious blend of chicken, garden vegetables. Served with delicious sesame sauce.

FRIED TOFU (8) @                                                                        6.25

Fried bean curd, served with sweet and sour sauce with onion and ground peanut.

FREID WONTON (8)                                                                      6.25

Deep fried wonton stuffed with blended ground chicken and shrimp. Served with thick sweet & sour sauce.

THAI ROLLS (2)                                                                             7.25

Fresh rolls wrapped with clear rice paper, filled with shrimp, chicken, carbmeat, basil, beansprout and noodles. Served with light sweet and sour sauce with ground peanut.

CHICKEN SATAY (5)  @                                                                  8.25

Thai famous appetizer, chickens on a skewer marinated in light curry, served with delicious peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

SHRIMP IN THE BLANKET (8)                                                         8.25

Deep fried shrimp wrapped in rice paper skin. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

SUPER COMBO (12)                                                                       11.95

Combination of Baby egg rolls, Crab Rangoons, Pot Stickers and Fried Wontons.

STEAMED MUSSELS @                                                                      11.95

Half-shell New Zealand mussels steamed with basil & herbs. Served with spicy garlic sauce.

FISH CAKE                                                                                          8.50

Fried fish paste made with red curry and kaffir leaves, served with cucumber & peanut salad.


CUCUMBER SALAD @                                                        3.75

Fresh sliced cucumber topped with red onion and carrot, splashed with sweet and sour dressing.

NAM TOK (BEEF SALAD) * @                                           10.95

Tender grilled slice beef mixed with onion, hot pepper, rice powder and tasty llime juice. Served with fresh assorted vegetable.

LARB (CHICKEN SALAD) * @                                           10.25

Ground chicken mixed with onion, hot pepper, rice powder and tasty lime juice. Served with fresh assorted vegetable.

YUM NUER SALAD * @                                                      10.95

Grilled tender beef with onion, cucumber, carrot in spicy sour dressing

PAPAYA SALAD (SOM TUM) * @                                        10.25

Fresh slice papaya, carrot, tomato, shrimp & peanut in spicy sour sauce.


                                                                         Small    /   Large                                  

NOODLES SOUP SPECIAL                                5.50         11.00

Tiny noodles with chicken, bean sprout and clear broth. (BBQ Pork $ 6.50, Large 13.00)

TOM YUM SOUP * @                                         5.50         11.00

Hot & sour soup with mushroom and white onion, seasoned with lemongrass, kaffir leaves, chilli paste and fresh lime juice. Your choice of chicken, tofu or vegetables. (shrimp $6.50, large $13.00)

TOFU SOUP                                                       5.50          11.00

Bean curd cake and napa cabbage in clear broth.

WONTON SOUP                                                 5.50          11.00

Clear soup with mix ground shrimp and chicken stuff wonton and napa cabbage.

TOM KHA SOUP * @                                          5.50          11.00

Coconut milk soup with mushroom and onion, spice with galanga root, kaffir leave. Your choice of chicken, tofu or vegetables. (shrimp $6.50, Large  $13.00)


SEAFOOD POHTAK (spicy & sour soup) * @                                         15.95

Spicy and sour clear soup with assorted seafood, mushroom and basil leave.

SIZZLING SEAFOOD                                                                               16.95

Assorted fresh seafood in sizzling plate, stir-fried with mix vegetable in hot chilli paste.

SPICY SEAFOOD                                                                                     16.95

Assorted fresh seafood in sizzling plate, stir-fried with bamboo shoot, onion and bell pepper in spicy red currry paste.

                                                 @ Gluten Free menu

                                                     *  Indicates Spicy