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CHICKEN RICE BOWL WITH VEGETABLE                                                             6.00

BEEF RICE BOWL WITH VEGETABLE                                                             6.50

SHRIMP RICE BOWL WITH VEGETABLE                                                             7.00

                                     SIDE ORDER

PEANUT SAUCE                                       small 0.75  /  Large 2.00

JASMINE RICE                                                         2.00

BROWN RICE                                                           2.50

STEAMED VEGETABLES                                             3.50


STICKY RICE WITH MANGO                                        6.50


Soda / Lemonade / Iced Tea                                       2.00

Raspberry Iced Tea / Iced green Tea                          2.00

Thai Iced Tea or Thai Iced Coffee                                 3.25

Thai Iced Tea Boba or Thai Iced Coffee Boba              3.95

Hot Jasmine Tea / Hot Green Tea                                 1.95

Singha (Thai Beer), Heineken, Amstel, Corona            3.95

Bud Weiser, Bud Lite                                                     3.50

Chardonnay, Merlot, Plum Wine                                    3.95

Thai Red Wine, Thai White Wine                                    4.50